Prof. Levy is a clinical psychologist and psycho-anthropologist. He is the founder and academic director in Coaching Psychology Academy that work in partnership with Professional Development Foundation to develop knowledge in Coaching Psychology and Applied Positive Psychology, with Middlesex and Canterbury Universities in UK and with Monarch Business School for Graduate Studies in Switzerland. Levy teaches and supervises MA and PhD studies leading to degrees of Middlesex and Canterbury Universities in coaching psychology and applied positive psychology. Prof. Levy studied psychology and philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He continued to a Diploma of Advanced Specialized Studies (DESS) in clinical psychology at the Sorbonne (Universite Rene Descartes) and obtained his PhD. in psycho-anthropology at the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences ( EHESS) in Paris. Levy founded and was the academic director of the coaching psychology study program at Tel Aviv University, the first in Israel and one of the first worldwide. Levy is also the founder and chair of IACP Israel Association for Applied Positive Psychology and is a past president of the Israel Association for Psychotherapy. Levy is a member of the international board for the Coaching Psychology International Congress and an honorary vice president in ISCP International Society for Coaching Psychology