Saied Malihialzackerini is an Assistant Professor in Department of psychology in Islamic Azad University at Karaj Branch. He is Member of Islamic Azad University Board of PhD in Health psychology (2015-2017) and Member of Organizing and Academic Committees of national Conference on Neurodevelopmental Spectrum , University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation (2006) and Member of Professional Psychologist Committee, Central Organization of Azad Islamic University, 2017. He has written so many Articles and also published the books like Physiology of Nervous System and Endocrine Glands Esan Co.2010, psychology of Violence and aggression Esan Co.2010, Assessmant in Neuropsychology Arjomand Co.2001. He has Honours, Prizes and awards from International Cultural - Historical (Vygotsky) Society-Russian State University for the Humanities 2009, Elected Member of International Vygotky Society (IVS) and Representative of the IVS in Iran Guita Vygotsky (Daughter of Lev Vygotsky) and Elena Kravsova (President of IVS). 2008. His research interests are Neuropsychology, Frontal and Prefrontal Lobe, Personality, Clinical Health Psychology, brain development, Developmental health promotion.