• April 06-08, 2017, Dubai, UAE

Scientific Program

Environmental Science
Fundamental and Applied Sciences
Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering
Material Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Management Studies

Session Introduction


R.Vijaya Arjunan

Manipal University, UAE

Title: Video frame denoising using multi level wavelets with soft and hard shrinkage rules


Elamparuthi Ramasamy

University of Miami, USA

Title: Formation of Supramolecular Capsular Assemblies on Silica Surface and Their Excited State Properties


Pang Xiao feng

University of Electronic Science and Technology, China

Title: The difficulties and contradictions of quantum mechanics and their eliminations


Isaac Mwangi

Kenyatta university, Kenya

Title: Removal of Chlorine and Chlorinated Organic Compounds from Aqueous Media Using Substrate-Anchored Zero-Valent Bimetals


Kavita Tiwari

Birla Institute Of Technology, UAE

Title: Real Voyage Of Discovering Oneself –Analysis Of Emotional Intelligence Among The Post Graduate Students In Management Colleges


Sajid Mehmood

Huazhong Agricultural University , China

Title: Differential effect of wheat straw and sugar cane biochar on enzymatic and microbial activities of rain-fed soil


Francisco Eugenio

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Title: Advanced processing of remote sensing data for the monitoring and sustainable management of marine resources in vulnerable ecosystems


Maurizio Seracini


Title: Engineering Sciences for World Cultural Heritage: To Give a Future to Our Past


Sylvia Agostini

University of Corsica, France

Title: Applied Sciences on Fisheries Management and Ecology in the Mediterranean Sea: concrete actions on marine ecological engineering by STELLA MARE Platform


Sang H. Choi

NASA Langley Research Center, USA

Title: High Risk Taking Success Strategy in Science and Technology


Piotr Kardasz

University of Applied Informatics, Poland

Title: Drones as a future follow-up and management


Herman Peiffer

Ghent University, Belgium

Title: Experimental research on the large strain consolidation of soils


Bo Liedberg

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Title: Biomimetic concepts in nanoscale sensing and diagnostics


Yongfeng Shen

Northeastern University, China

Title: Nanoscale plate-shaped precipitates strengthened Lanthanum-bearing Mg-3Sn-1Mn alloys through continuous rheo-rolling


M. Sherif El-Eskandarany

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait

Title: Amorphous-nanocrystalline-amorphous cyclic phase transformations on Zr-based metallic glassy systems


Ranjana Sharma

Birla Institute of Technology, UAE

Title: Polymer Clay Nanocomposites: Preparation and Charaterization


Taramol. K.G.

Manipal University, UAE

Title: The Role of Social Capital in Rural Development – A study in Kerala, South India