Dr. Song received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Inha University and MS in Physics from Hampton University and Ph.D. from the Center of Electro Optics at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has worked as a Research Engineer at the Korean Institute of Aeronautical Technology, Seoul, Korea and Source Tek, Inc., Virginia. He has conducted research in Plasma and Pulse Power, Laser Physics, Electromagnetic interaction with materials, Space materials science, Gas Dynamics and Combustion Diagnostics. His current areas of research interests and publications are in the area of microwave driven smart materials, nanomaterials, micro-spectrometer, wireless power transmission, and neural sensors. Dr. Song joined Norfolk State University in 1993 and Department of Engineering in 2002. He has served as the chair of the Department of Engineering from July 1 2006 to June 30, 2011. Dr. Song is an Executive Committee member for SPIE (International Optical Engineering Society) Smart Structures/NDE, and serves as a Conference Co-chair of Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors and Systems in 2011-2012.