Toshiyuki Itoh was born in Matsusaka City, Mie, Japan, in January 11, 1954. He graduated Tokyo University of Education in 1976. After working as a chemistry teacher in High Schools in his hometown (Mie prefecture), he decided to back to University and received his PhD in 1986 from the University of Tokyo (under supervision of Professor Teruaki Mukaiyama). He was appointed as an Assistant Professor at Okayama University in 1987, then promoted to associate Professor in 1990. He worked with Professor Anthony G. M. Barrett as a visiting scholar at Colorado State University in 1990-1991 and moved to Tottori University in 2002 as a full professor. He has published over 150 papers, 7 patents and 28 book chapters. He is the recipient of the Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry Japan Award (2010), and The 8th Green and Sustainable Chemistry Award (2009). He is now serving the president of the Society of Fluorine Chemistry, Japan, and Chair of the Ionic Liquid Research Association of Japan. His current research interests are development of new and useful synthetic methodologies based on Green Chemistry.