Vladimir Fal’ko is condensed matter theorist responsible for many advances in the theory of electronic and optical properties of atomically thin two-dimensional crystals, in particular, graphene, and he worked on various aspects of theory of quantum transport and fundamentals of nanoelectronics. His current research interests include modelling of graphene-based electronic and optoelectronic systems and development of theories of electronic and optical properties of various atomically thin two-dimensional crystals and their heterostructures. His career has been marked by Humboldt Fellowship, EPSC Advanced Fellowship, ERC Advanced Investigator and Synergy Grants, and Royal Society Wolfson Foundation Research Merit Award. Falko played a pivotal role in building up the European research community in graphene and two-dimensional materials by setting the ‘Graphene Week’ conference series, by being one of the initiators of the European Graphene Flagship Project, and by founding of the IoP Journal ‘2D Materials’ where he is serving as Editor-in- Chief. Falko is currently Director of the National Graphene Institute and Professor of Condensed Matter Theory at the University of Manchester.