• May 15-17, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Scientific Program

Food safety, security and sustainability
Food Biotechnology
Food Storage and Preservation

Session Introduction


Nurul Izzah Ahmad

Institut for Medical Research. Malaysia

Title: Risk assessment of mercury via consumption of seafood in Peninsular Malaysia


Abdelrahman mahmoud elbagory

Faculty of veterinary medicine -Minofyia university. Egypt

Title: Studies on residues of antibiotics and growth promoter hormones in imported and locally produced beef


Said Fathaalla

faculty of vet. med. sadat city university. Egypt

Title: The positive meat quality impact of Moringa Oleifera extract and Thyme oil as feed additives to Broilers

Food & Public Health Nutrition
Nanotechnology in Nutritional Science & Food Chemistry
Chemical reactions in food

Session Introduction


Boubaker Miftah Hosouna

Sebha University, sebha city, libya

Title: Docking and Modeling calculation studies on the inclusion complex of azo dye with cyclodextrins


Mary A Saral

VIT University,Vellore. India

Title: Tetraphenyl porphyrins in detection of organophosphates



University of Physical Education, Budapest, Hungary

Title: Exercise and healthy nutrients improve brain function and play preventive role in Alzheimer Disease