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Endodontic regeneration is the accepted treatment for young immature necrotic teeth. The purpose of this treatment is to promote the healing of apical pathosis and further development of the root. Dental trauma can cause a serious complication of external root resorption. Usually these teeth are deemed non-restorable and are extracted or the alternative of decoronation is performed. Our poster presents a new venue for treating such teeth by using the endodontic regeneration technique. This treatment results in healing of the apical pathosis as well as arresting the external root resorption. This results in maintaining the teeth for normal function. These results must be further investigated in randomized control studies.


Dr. Margarita Yoshpe completed her DMD from Tel Aviv Dental School, Israel in 2000. She has maintained a General Dental practice since 2001 in Ashdod, Israel. She then completed an Advanced Standing Program at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2011 followed by a faculty appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Oral Diagnosis at the TUSDM until 2014. Dr. Margarita Yoshpe completed a Specialty Program in Endodontics from the School of Graduate Dentistry at the Rambam Health Center Campus, Haifa, Israel in 2017. Dr. Margarita Yoshpe is presently the Director of I-Smile Medical Services, a multidisciplinary specialist practice in Ashdod, Israel.

Margarita Yoshpe / Ashdod