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Since the beginning, the use of mathematical tools is necessary, mainly in the aeronautical area, with these tools it is possible to do analysis and signal processing produced in aircraft operations, aeronautical monitoring, thermal control analysis, thermal modeling, field flow , measurement of sensors, control of maneuvers, spectral estimation of radar signals, implementation of algorithms, development or manipulation of software aimed at detecting noise at aeronautical events (landing, takeoff, overflight) and aerodynamic noise arrest, to enable tools of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to understand and predict the performance and behavior of aeronautical systems. Thanks to these models, it is possible to obtain a technological advance for the aeronautical sciences, guaranteeing an optimization of the projects and aeronautical data results from the performance of aircraft, rockets, or satellites in real time. Study on some mathematical models and their applications in the aeronautical and aerospace sector will be presented to a briefing, as well as the impact of the valorization of the theoretical methods in the development of new products guaranteeing efficiency and innovation


Mirelly Ferreira da Silveira is a graduate student in the Aeronautics and Space Engineering course at the University of Vale Paraíba, a researcher. She was a member of the Department of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of the Research and Development Institute of the University of Vale Paraíba. She was a student of the specialization course with printers 3D and design of the Department of Manufacturing and Materials Science (CTM) of the Technological Institute of Aeronautics(ITA) located inside the Center of Aerospace Technology(CTA), was speaker of the V Symposium of Physics and Astronomy of Vale Paraíba, where he presented a work on Analysis and Processing of Signals in the Aeronautical branch, studying reverse transforms of Wavelets and Fourier, was coordinator of Aerodesing and Aeromodelism of the University of Vale Paraíba, acting like mentor of activities related to aerodynamic performance, and structural calculation, was designer of test access Internal Aerodesing, captain of Reynold's Number's development team and rockets, influencing student teams to go to the 19th SAE Brazil Aerodesign competition. He is a frequent contributor to the Olympic Games of scientific knowledge in physics, mathematics, robotics, astronomy and astronautics and computation where he was among the winning teams of his university's internal programming marathons. Operator of 3D Printers in the Univap Annex. He currently teaches physics and mathematics applied to engineering and college entrance exams for Vale Paraíba University students and pre-college students. He has a background in Modeling and Aerodynamics, has experience with 3D Printing, manipulation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and MATLAB software. He recently participated in SIGE (Symposium on Operational Applications in Defense Areas.

Mirelly Ferreira de Silveira / Universidade do Vale do Paraíba