The International Conference and Expo on
Mining & Metallurgy

Theme: Exploring New Trends in Mining & Metallurgy

Date : November 16-17 Venue : Budapest,Hungary

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline March 26, 2020
Early Bird Registration Deadline March 28,2020
Standard Registration Deadline June 28,2020
On-Spot Registrations Deadline November 16,2020
Conference Overview

The International Conference and Expo on Mining & Metallurgy will take place from November 16-17, 2020 in Budapest, Hungary, to share new ideas amongst the professionals, industrialists and students from research areas of Mining and Metallurgy, Materials Science, Chemistry and Physics to share their research experiences and indulge in interactive discussions and technical sessions at the event. This meeting includes plenary talks, keynote lectures and invited speakers by eminent personalities from around the world in addition to poster presentations, contributed papers and video and oral poster presentations covering all frontier topics in mining and metallurgy research and its applications.
It provides a wonderful and exciting platform for students to meet lead researchers in their fields of interest and discover the latest methodologies that will further benefit current research outcomes. For academic and industry professionals, the conference offers unprecedented opportunities to interact with each other and make lasting connections that will enhance both academic and business goals.
We genuinely trust that Mining-Metallurgy-2020 serves as an international platform for meeting researchers around the globe enlarge proficient contact and make new changes, including establishing new collaborations
We are looking forward to seeing you at Mining-Metallurgy-2020 in Hungary.
Researchers Opportunity: 
We make sure to support and motivate 'Researchers' by:
 1. Establishing an academic and professional relationship.
2. Improving their morale and confidence in presenting research on the international platform.
3. Interacting with expertise in their respective departments.
4. Clearing your inhibitions of adjusting to the foreign environment.
Target audience:
Materials Scientists
Research Professors
Junior/Senior research fellows of Materials Science/ Metallurgy/ Mining
Directors of mining & metallurgy companies
Metallurgy  Engineers
Mining  Engineers
Members of different mining associations.

Conference Venue
  1. Materials Forming and Machining
  2. Metal Alloys
  3. Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
  4. Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  5. Iron and Steel Materials
  6. Catalytic Materials
  7. Mechanical Behavior and Fracture
  8. Tooling, Testing and Evaluation of Machining
  9. Emerging Smart Materials
  10. Laser Processing
  11. Materials in Industry
  12. Non Traditional Machining
  13. Mechanical Metallurgy and Mining
  14. Mechanical Fundamentals
  15. Advanced Materials and Devices
  16. Elements of the Theory of Plasticity
  1. Plastic Deformation of Polycrystalline Aggregates
  2. Fracture
  3. Internal Friction
  4. Applications to Materials Testing
  5. Mineral Resource and Extraction
  6. The Hardness Test
  7. Fatigue of Metals
  8. Functional Materials
  9. Mine Waste Rehabilitation
  10. General fundamentals of Metalworking
  11. Mine Ventilation
  12. Metal Casting and Extrusion
  13. Materials Theory, Computation and Design
  14. Batteries and Energy Materials
  15. Advanced Ceramics
  16. Geochemical Exploration
  1. Corrosion
  2. Metallurgical Sciences
  3. Mineral Resource
  4. Material Science And Engineering
  5. Mineral Extraction
  6. Mining Automation
  7. Petroleum Chemistry
  8. Smart Materials
  9. Nanomaterial
  10. Marine Engineering
  11. Robotic Engineering
  12. Gold Alloys
  13. High Strength Alloys
  14. Oil And Gas Exploration
  15. Thermal Stresses
  16. Geoscience For Society
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