Scientific Program

Energy and Environment Nexus

Session Introduction


Sergey Paltsev

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title: Impact of Technology Improvements on the Cost of Oil Extraction


Karol Jackowski

University of Warsaw

Title: NMR spectra of hydrocarbons in the gas phase


Stanislav Shmelev

Environment Europe Ltd

Title: Optimal Diversity of Renewable Energy Alternatives under Multiple Criteria: An Application to the UK


Radwa A. Elsalamony

Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute

Title: Advances in Photo-catalytic Materials for Environmental Applications


Adewumi, Idowu Olugbenga

Federal College of Agriculture

Title: Fuelless Power Generating Set and Power Inverter System: Analysis of Load and Efficiency Appraisal


Vipan Kumar Sohpal

Beant College of Engineering & Technology

Title: Mathematical and Fuzzy Modeling of NOx emission from Jatropha Curcus Fuel and Crude Oil


Maxwell Umunna Nwachukwu

University of Nigeria

Title: The Future Of Demand For Highway Transportation Fuel In Nigeria

Renewable Energy Sources

Session Introduction


Saber Mohammadi

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Title: A Comprehensive Experimental Study of Asphaltene Aggregation Phenomena in Live Oils at Reservoir Conditions


James Weifu Lee

Old Dominion University

Title: Synthetic Biology for Photoautotrophic Production of Advanced Biofuels from Carbon Dioxide and Water


Sultan Al-Salem

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Title: Opportunities From Thermo-Chemical Treatment (TCT) Technologies for a Sustainable Petroleum Downstream Industry Utilizing Waste to Energy (WtE) Products


Adepoju Tunde Folorunsho

Akwa-Ibom State University

Title: Studies On Thevetia Peruviana (T. Peruviana) Oilseeds Extraction And Biodiesel Production Via Ca2+As Heterogeneous Based Catalyst


Krushna Prasad Shadangi

V. S. S. University of Technology

Title: Upgrading of Biomass Pyrolysis Oil Using Waste Polystyrene: A Possible Track for Waste Management and Future Energy

Geology and Exploration
Petroleum Engineering

Session Introduction


Yanfang Wang

Louisiana State University

Title: An Improved Foam Model for Fracturing and Drilling Applications by Combining Wet- and Dry-Foam Rheological Properties



Longdong University

Title: Mechanisms of Wetting Modification by Fluoride to Mitigate Phase Trapping


Vladimir Ezhov

Southwest State University

Title: Ecological reserves of increase economic efficiency of heat generators


Ahmad Reza Rabbani

University of Technology

Title: Hydrocarbon potential and palynological study of the LatestOrdovician e Earliest Silurian source rock (Sarchahan Formation) inthe Zagros Mountains, southern Iran


Jwngsar Brahma

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Title: Estimation Of Thomsen’s Parameters In Western And Central Part Of Tripura, India Using Core Samples

Modeling and Simulation Technologies

Session Introduction


Brittany MacDonald

Cape Breton University

Title: Effects of Temperature and Pressure on the Viscosity of Athabasca Bitumen: Evaluation of Viscosity Models


Tiqiao Xiao

Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics

Title: Nondestructive and Quantitative Analysis to the 3-D Microstructure of Shale and Coal with Synchrotron-based X-ray Microtomography


Awojoyogbe, Omotayo Bamidele

Federal University of Technology

Title: Analytical Solutions To Bloch Nmr Flow Equation In Porous System: Future And Emerging Magnetic Resonance Computational Imaging For Petrochemical And Petrophysical Science And Engineering