5th World Congress on Public Health and Health Care Management
Theme: Prevention and Control of Disease through Promoting and Monitoring Healthy Behaviors

Date : April 16-17, 2020 Venue : Crowne Plaza Miami Airport, Miami, USA

About Conference

Scientific Federation will be hosting 5th World Congress on Public Health and Health Care Management in 2020. This exciting event is scheduled during April 16-17, 2020 at Miami, USA, strives to bring many Prominent Speakers, Professors, Deans, Surgeons, Physicians, Medical and Industrial Professionals, Young Researchers, Student Delegates and Business Delegates, along with information-packed Workshops, will fill the agenda.

Public Health-2020 will provide a wonderful forum for you to refresh your knowledge base and explore the innovations in Public Health and Health Care Management. 

Public Health-2020 will provide a wonderful Conference will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the opportunity to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers, friends and colleagues as well as sponsors and exhibitors.

The theme of the Conference “Prevention and Control of Disease through Promoting and Monitoring Healthy Behaviors” will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds. It aims to promote awareness and enhance research aiming in developing solutions for the various public health challenges encountered.

In addition to the informational speakers, you will get an opportunity to interact with and learn from our Business Partners, Exhibitors and Sponsors. Also, you will get an opportunity to speak with them and personally evaluate if they can be helpful to our practices. And then there are our peers…the opportunities to get to know them and learn from each other during networking breaks.

So, bookmark the dates: April 16-17, 2020; we assure you that Public Health-2020 would be a great learning and knowledge sharing experience. Keep your eyes peeled for more information to follow.

  1. Chronic Disease
  2. Climate Change
  3. Communicable Disease
  4. Community Water Fluoridation
  5. Ebola
  6. Environmental Health
  7. Health Equity
  8. Healthy Community Design
  9. Injury & Violence Prevention
  10. Maternal and Child Health
  11. Mental Health
  12. Behavioral Health
  13. Public Health Accreditation
  14. Zika
  1. Vaccines
  2. Public Health Policy and Health Management
  3. Health Research & Education
  4. Nutrition and Biochemistry
  5. Environmental Occupational Health Issues
  6. Global Healthcare Economics
  7. Reproductive and Child Health
  8. Veterinary Public Health
  9. Food Safety
  10. Cardiology and Healthcare
  11. Healthcare and Dentistry
  12. Healthcare and Family Medicine
  13. Alternative and Preventive Medicines
  14. Medical tourism
  1. Child Health and Development
  2. Nursing and Healthcare
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. History of Medicine and Science
  5. Epidemiology Methods
  6. Women Health
  7. Perinatal/Prenatal Health
  8. Malaria
  9. Mosquito-borne Diseases
  10. Health Economics
  11. Health Statisics
  12. Obesity and Diabetes Research
  13. Oncology and Cancer
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