6th World Congress & Expo on Public Health, Epidemiology and Nutrition
Theme: Virtual Health Care Aspects of Medical and Nutritional Management

Date : September 17-18, 2020 Venue : Vancouver, Canada

September 17-18, 2020 at Vancouver, Canada

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About Conference


Scientific Federation takes an immense pleasure and feels honored to welcome all the participates to attend 6th World Congress & Expo on  Public Health, Epidemiology and Nutrition (WCEPEN-2020) which will be held during September 17-18, 2020 at Vancouver, Canada is an international event, attracting global participant’s intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of Public Health and latest developments. This event includes plenary speakers, established Keynote speakers, active Invited speakers, fresh contributed speakers and Young Researchers. In addition, variety of poster presentations along with workshops and special sessions would be interested in audience.

The aim of the WCEPEN -2020 is to spread knowledge and real-world impact in an atmosphere of true international cooperation between scientists and have interactive sessions by bringing together again the world class researchers, International societies and Industrial heads to discuss the latest developments and innovations. It is a great platform for companies as well as institutions to represent their research services, products, innovations and Research results in the fields of Public Health, Epidemiology & Nutrition.

The Complete potential of our health systems rests in our ability to Connect with each other, as physicians, patients, providers and leaders. We should additionally drive higher connections between knowledge, innovation and technology. Join us at the  Health Summit to learn from experiences, leverage best practices and actively have interaction on the policy problems that may cause a more robust system of care.

What to expect
This year, we’ll be covering plenty of ground. Attendees will anticipate to:
Two-day program on key policy issues
Grand Central: the hub for interacting with others
Premium speakers, Exchange of views and learning
Networking Gathering
Virtual Health care: a policy discussion on the current state and challenges
Many chances to hear and be heard
Summit highlights
Influence Health policy – virtual care; integrated systems; etc.
Learn directly from experts within and outside the medical profession
Share your expertise and facilitate form an agenda of change in health
Network with colleagues and some of Canada’s top minds
Discover new approaches to Health and Nutritional care 

We hope you can join us at Vancouver, Canada!!


Session 1: Public Health epidemiology

Session 2: Public health nursing

Session 3: Adolescent health

Session 4: Infectious diseases

Session 5: Clinical epidemiology

Session 6: Child health care

Session 7: Chronic diseases

Session 8: Cancer epidemiology

Session 9: Cardiovascular diseases

Session 10: Health promotion

Session 11: Nutrition disorders

Session 12: Family medicine

Session 13: Immunology

Session 14: Women Nutrition

Session 15: Urinary Tract Infection

Session 16: Nutrition Deficiency

Session 17: Medical Nutrition

Session 18: Pregnancy Nutrition

Session 19: Nutrition and Disease Management

Session 20: Nutrition and Diet

Session 21: Foodborne Diseases

Session 22: Digital health - proposed section

Session 23: Environment and health

Session 24: Ethics in public health

Session 25: Food and Nutrition

Session 26: Forecasting - Initiative

Session 27: Health impact assessment

Session 28: Health Health promotion

Session 29: Health services research

Session 30: Health technology assessment

Session 31: Health workforce research

Session 32: Injury prevention and safety promotion

Session 33: Migrant and ethnic minority health

Session 34: Oral health - proposed section

Session 35: Public health and law - Initiative

Session 36: Public health economics

Session 37: Public health genomics

Session 38: Public health monitoring and reporting

Session 39: Public health policy and politics

Session 40: Sexual and gender minority health

Session 41: Social security, work and health

Session 42: Urban public health

Session 43:

Session 44:

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Opens July 29, 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline December 13, 2019
Early Bird Registration Deadline January 24, 2020
Standard Registration Deadline April 17, 2020
On-Spot Registrations Deadline September 17, 2020
Conference Venue
  1. Public Health epidemiology
  2. Public health nursing
  3. Adolescent health
  4. Infectious diseases
  5. Clinical epidemiology
  6. Child health care
  7. Chronic diseases
  8. Cancer epidemiology
  9. Cardiovascular diseases
  10. Health promotion
  11. Nutrition disorders
  12. Family medicine
  13. Immunology
  14. Women Nutrition
  15. Urinary Tract Infection
  1. Nutrition Deficiency
  2. Medical Nutrition
  3. Pregnancy Nutrition
  4. Nutrition and Disease Management
  5. Nutrition and Diet
  6. Foodborne Diseases
  7. Digital health - proposed section
  8. Environment and health
  9. Ethics in public health
  10. Food and Nutrition
  11. Forecasting - Initiative
  12. Health impact assessment
  13. Health Health promotion
  14. Health services research
  15. Health technology assessment
  1. Health workforce research
  2. Injury prevention and safety promotion
  3. Migrant and ethnic minority health
  4. Oral health - proposed section
  5. Public health and law - Initiative
  6. Public health economics
  7. Public health genomics
  8. Public health monitoring and reporting
  9. Public health policy and politics
  10. Sexual and gender minority health
  11. Social security, work and health
  12. Urban public health
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